Attracting participants from across the country and around the world, our summer adventures go above and beyond any other Outward Bound® experience.  Offering you a fresh perspective on life and introducing you to new friends and new habits, you'll go on a breath-taking journey across land and water, amid some of the UKs most spectacular wilderness environments.  There are a range of adventures to choose from: Discover Adventure (11-13), Serious Adventure (13-15 and 15-19) and specialist Serious Adventures based on the water or rock climbing.  
Each course includes a series of progressive challenges: such as getting over a “high wall” as a team; canoeing, gorge-walking; rock climbing; all the way through to multi-day overnight expeditions into the wild places of the UK.  All adventures can be used as the “residential” element of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, and others can also fulfill the criteria for the “training” and “practice” expedition.  
*** We still have some almost fully funded (£50) places for a 7-day Serious Adventure in August 2018 in partnership with Dulux – this is for school leavers and also includes return travel from Manchester Piccadilly: ***