1. Check-in, check-out coaching with an emphasis on attendance and punctuality
    Check in with identified students on a Monday and check out on a Thursday (in addition to other informal touch points during the week) to work through specific challenges to attendance and punctuality (to both school and individual lessons) with identified students; coach to build better timekeeping skills and encourage a positive attitude to being present and ready to learn
  2. Parental engagement
    Build relationships with parents of students, especially those with poor attendance records, raising awareness and working through specific challenges; support school attendance and punctuality policy as required by making calls to the homes of late or absent students where appropriate
  3. Attendance recognition
    Hand out certificates or stage award events for high-attendance classes and individuals; maintain attendance displays
  4. Breakfast Club (before school)
    Serve breakfast to children arriving early; play games and have conversations with attendees
  5. Morning greetings
    Greet parents and students and at the school gates and/or run PT (physical training) in the playground immediately before registration
  6.  Walking bus
    Collect multiple children from their homes and walk them to school