It will build on our peer support programme where we use our small farm as the context in which to develop youth peer mentors. Several of the mentors have developed significant life skills, such as teamwork and leadership skills and have gone on to be involved in leading and volunteering for other social action projects.
Our aim is to develop a peer community programme, led by young people for young people, that promotes participation and leadership through activities. We strongly believe that young people are fully resourced to support and lead each other. This means that our approach will reflect the priorities of young people, with an emphasis on inclusion, values and holistic learning.  This will enable young leaders to create and run their own activities, in a manner that reflects the priorities of participants. By doing this we hope to disrupt the traditional adult led delivery and break down barriers between those who lead and take part, by creating a culture of peer learning and volunteering. Through this process, we believe young people will develop core life skills and positively contribute to their own communities.