FRESH is a healthy lifestyle programme delivered by Oldham Sport Development which aims to encourage children, young people and their families to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and learn the importance of healthy eating and being physically active.
The programme can be tailored to suit the needs of each school and are delivered over half or full term for 3 hours per week. This could be aimed at the whole classes, targeted provision and can also feature family engagement.
Each session coversa range of lifestyle topics which are delivered as both practical and theory sessions.
Topics covered include:
·        Breakfast choices
·        Oral Health
·        Water
·        Screen Swap
·        Sugar
·        Fats
·        Eat well guide
·        Physical Activity
·        Mental Wellbeing
·        Sleep
 FRESH at School – specific classes
FRESH for a day – this project is a whole school approach delivered across one full school day
FRESH Families – working with parents / guardians with their child, equipping families to make healthy lifestyle choices and change behaviours as a family.
Targeted cohort (if applicable) Overall cost per student of delivering this activity (including overhead costs involved in delivery)Number of pupilsVenue/location of activityDuration of activity (i.e. how long will the programme last – months/terms). Pledges involved in this activity (see table 1 above).Essential Life Skills involved in this activity (see table two above). 
KS1, 2 & 3
Targeted groups
3 hours Half term - £1100
3 hours Full term - £2100
FRESH for a day £400
Class of 30 – 35
ASC / targeted max 20
On site at school3 hour sessions x 6 or 12 weeks1,3A, E, G, H, I, J