At SEE our life skills course is about working with young people through the tough and challenging transition to independence. The three tier course offers healthy eating and fitness, budgeting, exploration of healthy relationships, increasing knowledge and confidence of household chores and bills and also looks into personal safety in a variety of ways. Our course adapts and matures along with the young person, and also uses different learning styles and resources.
How SEE’s Life skills fits in with the Oldham pledge and learning passport.
*Enrichment activities within the place of learning include: developing skills such as cooking and cleaning.
*Enrichment activities beyond the place of learning include: travel training on a variety of transportation and a mixture of sporting activities.
*Taking responsibility of their own health and wellbeing is shown in different ways throughout, including: ‘beat the takeaway’, exploring healthy options of eating, personal hygiene and booking personal appointments.
*CV writing, mock interviews and volunteer work within the community is part of the tiers.
*Researching, costing, and attending different sporting activities.
*Learning how to be energy efficient and keep household costs and wastes to a minimum.
*Using online shopping, banking and navigating compare sites.
*Building healthy relationships and debating conflict resolution.
*Gaining confidence in ones abilities to do household chores independently.
*Maintaining a tenancy and looking at potential situations that may affect wellbeing.