Life Skills Music Clubs
Lunchtime, After School & Saturday African Drumming and Indonesian Gamelan Clubs
  • A collaborative, democratic approach to learning that develops Life Skills naturally
  • Completely inclusive and accessible to ALL students – any age, ability or background
  • Ideally suited to disadvantaged and excluded students
  • Clubs can be led by senior students or any teacher (teachers can be class teachers or specialists in any subject)
  • Includes comprehensive support for Club leaders via CPD (fully certified), teaching guides, online video and audio, mentoring
  • The programme is self-sustaining and is designed to continue without external support after the first year
How it works
First Term
Participating schools
1. Choose either African Drumming or Indonesian Gamelan (or both) and will receive a set of instruments tailored to the school’s age range.
2. Send one or more senior students and/or teachers to the “Getting Started” Club Leaders CPD session, to be held at Oldham Galleria or other central venue. There will be morning, afternoon, twilight and Saturday session options and there will be no limit on the number of delegates schools can send. All attendees will receive CPD certification.
The Getting Started session will cover:
  • The collaborative teaching and learning approach – a hands-on workshop including the basic techniques, warm-ups and simple exercises that will be the content of the first three Club sessions back in school
  • Evaluating Life Skills development
  • Setting up your Club – where, when, who . . .
  • Planning and leading sessions
  • Getting support – using the teaching guides, online video and audio, expert advice, online community of Club Leaders
  • Longer term horizons – performances, community outreach, extending Club membership
Club Leaders will then run the first three weekly Club sessions and access programme experts, other local Club Leaders and online teaching support as needed. If there is a high demand for Club membership it may be necessary to run two or more weekly sessions.
After three weeks Club Leaders will re-convene for a second “Consolidation” CPD session, as before starting with a hands-on workshop, which will cover both the material from before and new material that will be the content of the next Club sessions. There will follow a “surgery” dealing with issues arising from the first three weeks of sessions and questions about the weeks to come.
Leaders will then continue their in-school Club sessions for a further three or four weeks, before returning for a third “Performance” CPD session. This will again start with a hands-on workshop that will go over the ground previously covered and introduce new material. There will follow a “surgery” and a special focus on preparing for performance and evaluating progress to date.
The Club’s first performance will be the goal of the first term and Leaders will work on this with their members over the last weeks of term, before performing for the school. After the performance(s) Club Leaders and members will prepare simple evaluations giving their assessment of progress in Life Skills development.
Second Term
This will follow a similar pattern to the first term, the only difference being that there will be just two CPD sessions - one “Consolidation” and one “Performance”. Performance and evaluation will again be the end point and the Club will develop and perform new pieces.
Third Term
Again a similar pattern, culminating in performances and evaluation but this term with only one “Performance” CPD session. It is envisaged that by this stage the Club will have achieved a high level of expertise, have a number of pieces ready for performance for the school and for the community.
Subsequent Years
The whole emphasis of the programme is on building a self-sustaining Club, where the expertise is shared between and passed on from member to member and the instruments are the property of the school. Online teaching support and the online Leaders community will also continue to be available. This means that the Club will be able to continue and grow year after year, adding new members, new repertoire, new skills and adding new instruments as the membership expands.
There will also be scope for outreach – working with the elderly or disabled (both groups enjoy and benefit from these activities) – as well as for fund-raising through performances at community festivals and other events.
Participation for Primary schools is £1,000 for the full year; for Secondary schools the cost is £1,500. This includes up to 15 instruments, CPD, online and other support and online support after the first year is also included. Instruments remain the property of the school at the end of the programme.