Fullcircle can provide a weekly lunch-time enrichment activities to meet the needs of the school and pupils. Sessions can be delivered both indoors and outdoors, and either:
A whole school approach - ensuring children are engaged and participate in positive activities like team sports, individual challenges, multi-sports, circus skills, problem solving, traditional games and more.
Targeted group work - we can work with pupils who may struggle to control their behaviour or even feel isolated and find making friendships difficult. Staff will support pupils to engage in positive diversionary activities and opportunities for pupils to talk to a youth worker.
Designed to support pupils to fulfil pledges 1 and 3 whilst developing the essential life skills listed below.
All equipment and resources will be provided by Fullcircle.
Fullcircle are able to devise an effective monitoring and evaluation strategy in a format to suit your requirements.
 We can deliver these sessions on a day and time to suit your school, please contact Fullcircle to discuss your requirements.