The Oldham Music Centre (OMC) is nationally recognised as one of the most outstanding organisations of its type in the country and its ensembles and choirs regularly succeed at some of the most prestigious music festivals and competitions in the UK.  As a part of the Greater Manchester Music Hub, it offers young musicians pathways of progression to develop their skills to the next level beyond their school.
OMC membership also widens students’ social sphere and benefits social cohesion within the borough, providing them with regular and sustained opportunities to engage with other young musicians from all over Oldham in a safe, educational environment.  Students also have the opportunity to engage with the leadership and direction of the organisation if they choose to become involved with the Music Service’s properly constituted, charitable organisation, ‘The Families and Friends of Oldham Music Centre’.
The Music Centre runs in excess of 50 different performing groups per week to cater for all musical tastes and interests.  These range from the conventional groups, such as bands, orchestras and choirs, through to more recent groups such as the Contemporary Music Group and various rock, pop and guitar groups.  Students participating in these are given very many opportunities to perform both in Oldham and further afield.  Recent venues for performances have included the:
  • QE Hall in Oldham
  • Symphony Hall, Birmingham,
  • Various locations in Italy and New York whilst on tour
  • Community performances in Oldham’s churches and other public buildings
  • Civic events, such as the annual Remembrance Sunday and Mayoral Sunday events
Membership of the Music Centre entitles a young person to attend as many relevant groups as they wish each week without paying any additional fees.  Therefore, a student could well be in a brass band, an orchestra and a choir on different nights but still only pay a single fee.