We offer our Olympic Road Shows experience to all age ranges from Primary to Secondary school children. This truly exciting day will inspire children of all abilities and backgrounds to reach for the stars. On the day Sophie Cox, Double Olympian, Commonwealth Bronze Medallist, 7 Times British Jodo Champion and Double European Silver Medallist will bring all her medals from these championships along with Memorabilia from the Athens and London Olympic games. Along with Chief Instructor Richard we will deliver a 45 minute lesson plan for every class in the school. Every lesson will start with a short introduction about Sophie’s career and achievements, then a 5 minute video on the Olympic games which sets the tone for the lesson to begin. Sophie will conduct a small demonstration of highly skilful throws on Richard, which children and staff seems to enjoy. Each child will then train with Sophie and take part in the lesson, they will also get the opportunity to throw Sophie within a controlled and safe environment. Each lesson will end with children and staff having the opportunity to ask Sophie questions, every child will receive an autographed postcard from Sophie’s work with Sky Sports. They will also have the chance to wear one of Sophie’s coveted Gold, Silver or Bronze medals and one of the Olympic Jackets whilst having individual and group photographs. Finally each child will also receive a signed certificate confirming that they have trained with the double Olympian Sophie Cox.