This is a one-day activity (that can also be tailored to meet specific needs/timeframes) that will help develop digital media skills. This is done through providing guided walks in the local area whilst incorporating training on how to capture and edit media using a range of media equipment such as action cameras and DSLR’s.
The media can then be uploaded to the charities YouTube channel for potential future employers to view. The media will also be available for the people attending the session to keep.
Age rangeCostNumber of pupils (minimum and maximum capacity)Venue/location of activityDuration of activity options Dates/timesPledges included in this activity (see table 1 above).Character Traits developed (see table two above). Booking process
12-19£80 per 1 day session – can be negotiated if other sessions are booked6:1 ration normally
(5:1 under government COVID-19 restrictions).
 Local outdoor area and classroom location (anywhere in Greater Manchester)1 day -8hrs
½ day – 4hrs
Most weekends at 08:30 and/or evenings from 16:30 – other times can be arranged if needed.7/10/8/14/3/9a/c/e/g/h/i/j TeamworkThrough contacting the charity via any channels