The “PE teacher training programme” aims to upskill school teaching staff by a series of workshops and seminars, offering ideas for best practice that result in a greater number of outstanding PE lessons being delivered. This also transfers into active and engaging after school provisions, where teachers and TA’s feel confident in delivering a variety of activities. The programme consists of 16 different workshops, which will be delivered across the school year.
They are based around 3 key areas:
• Delivering an "Outstanding" Lesson –
Multi-skills (for KS1), Applying Guided Discovery Learning, Differentiation, Inclusive Lessons and Cross-curricular activities
• Teaching the core offer –
Athletic Activities, Dance, Gymnastics and Orienteering
• Sports Specific, Technique and Tactics –
Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball and Tag-Rugby.
The workshops will be delivered to support all teachers, regardless of confidence in PE to deliver an outstanding lesson and cover all aspects of the national curriculum. The workshops have been created with the support of industry specialists.
The scheduled workshops can be attended individually at a cost per head or they can be delivered as a whole school workshop exclusively for your staff (max 30).
Targeted cohort (if applicable) Overall cost per student of delivering this activity (including overhead costs involved in delivery)Number of pupilsVenue/location of activityDuration of activity (i.e. how long will the programme last – months/terms). Pledges involved in this activity (see table 1 above).Essential Life Skills involved in this activity (see table two above). 
All Teachers, TA, Primary PE specialists, PE Co-ordinatorsIndividual workshop - £40 per person
School based workshop - £200 per workshop
Max 30 teachersVarious locations
Held in your school
2 hours per workshop1 and 3A, E, H, I