The Little Dragons for (Primary) and Dragons for (Secondary) schools are a bespoke fusion of martial arts from around the world delivered through a Pre or After School Club format. Our elite team of instructors who have reached the highest levels possible will give students an easily accessible and understandable syllabus to a number of different martial arts and show how these styles and languages can be fused together. We will demonstrate a holistic approach when teaching our martial art system and for students to understand the core principles of the martial art Ways and Philosophies. We will teach students key life skills through our child centred approach utilising our 10 core principles and to demonstrate to student’s conflict resolution methods and environment awareness of potential conflict situations and how to avoid or defuse them. Each belt level is designed to be cross curricular, so students will also learn about different Cultures, Languages, History and Techniques from martial arts such as: Kung Fu, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and our very own hybrid system of Qi Gong, which is a form of meditation, movement and breathing to promote health, peace and spirituality.  We will assess the target level of competence as laid out in the Syllabus for each level taken through a grading exam. Students on completion of their grading level will then be presented with their individual certificate and belts at their graduation ceremony, where they will also demonstrate to their parent the skills they have attained for that belt.  

Flat Fee of £55 per session. This breaks down to only £1.83 per student for one full hour each week within our normal class size of 30. Within this cost we also provide free of charge their grading certificates, any re-grading (if needed) and we always provide free of charge on completion of each belt attained a Graduation and Demonstration Ceremony to all their parents and school staff.