TOP is designed to help and support young people with everyday issues around young adulthood and life skills. The participants build up a portfolio of their learning over the course for their personal use and revision. TOP Course offers young people the opportunity to share experiences and develop confidence and self-esteem. The TOP programme covers many aspects of becoming an adult and offers an informal, fun, flexible learning environment which recognises and provides support for individual specific needs. One of the values of the course is its informal and positive approach to the young people and listening actively to their opinions and points of view. Whilst learning about issues which have an impact of their futures. TOP is able to contribute to countering feelings of isolation, both by bringing young people together to share experiences but also by providing accessible information and practical examples developing confidence and skills.
Sessions include things like;
  • How not to become a parent and what to expect when you do.
  • How to stay safe at home.
  • How to look after and stay safe at home.
  • Healthy happy relationships.
  • Drug/alcohol awareness.
  • Healthy lifestyles.
  • Oral health.
  • Budgeting.
 But they can be more tailormade