A weekly session delivered within school over a term, sessions are for an hour and can accommodate 20 pupils.
Pupils will develop the essential life skills listed below whilst fulfilling pledges 1 and 3.
Sessions provide individual learning opportunities and encourage young people to learn new skills and/or to develop existing skills, including social and emotional skills. Youth Zone sessions provide a range of arts and crafts activities, team challenges and games; we incorporate annual celebrations, events and festivals into the activities to help develop young people’s understanding of the world.  
Fullcircle are able to devise an effective monitoring and evaluation strategy in a format to suit your requirements.
We can deliver these sessions on a day and time to suit your school, please contact Fullcircle to discuss your requirements.

Overall cost per student of delivering this activity (including overhead costs involved in delivery)Number of pupilsVenue or
location of activity
Duration of activity (i.e. how long will the programme lasts months or term)
£798.60 per term
(11 weeks), 2x staff, includes resources and equipment
20 maximumSchoolPer term