Zumba for Kids is every Saturday 12pm -1pm parents welcome to attend. (girls only)

Targeted cohort (if applicable) Overall cost per student of delivering this activity (including overhead costs involved in delivery)Number of pupilsVenue/location of activityDuration of activity (i.e. how long will the programme last – months/terms). When will this activity take place? (i.e. during lesson time, before school, at lunch time, after school (can be more than one)Pledges involved in this activity (see table 1 above).Essential Life Skills involved in this activity (see table two above). 
8+£2 per session15LGA Studio
Booth House
Featherstall Rd South.
Oldham OL9 6LH
Throughout the yearEvery Every Saturday’s at 12pm2,3,9A,G,H,I,J, L