Our Story:

As healthcare and education professionals, we had first-hand experience of public services that had failed people, people who needed them most and we believed that we could provide a different, more flexible approach. We wanted to combine our expertise and experiences of the social and economic problems that held people back and find a way to support and empower people to live healthier, better lives whatever their background.

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The Oldham Brokerage Service:
ABL's OBS service works in partnership with all relevant stakeholders to identify mental health and well-being training as well as interventions to meet the needs of children and young people in 106 schools across Oldham. All information is presented in the form of a directory -

Weight Management:
As the Tier 3 weight management provider we work with those looking to lose weight and gain confidence.
Specifically regarding children we are currently running a family weight management pilot with the hope of rolling this out across the borough.
We also offer free health and nutrition workshops and assemblies for school children. These workshops have also been carried out at various health events and include the use of our smoothie bike and buzz wire activities.

We aim to provide support families across Oldham to families who are struggling with their health, specifically in terms of weight, poor eating habits and lack of physical activity.