Apps for Good is an education technology charity, with a mission to grow the problem-solvers and digital makers of tomorrow. We aim to equip young people with the right digital and entrepreneurial skills to create technology for good, benefiting their communities and transforming their worlds.

We upskill educators via our online CPD to deliver our App Development and Internet of Things (IoT) courses to their students. Students are then challenged to come up with any problem or issue they are passionate about within their communities and learn how to solve it through building a digital product. Through the Apps for Good programme students learn not just vital technical skills but furthermore the enterprise and employability skills to design, market, launch and pitch their products solving real-world problems.

The current Apps for Good course options are:

- Design an App in a Day (5 hours)
- App Development Course (10-12 hours)
 - Internet of Things Course (10-12 hours)
- App Development Extended Course (30+ hours)

Young Person Comments:

The activities available are fantastic and free! These will add many life skills, team building skills, communication skills and personal development to many young people. This is an opportunity too good to miss for anyone as most young people use mobile apps on a daily basis, so learning how to create one in just1 day will be a fantastic experience for many young people and could potentially give them the skills they require to move forward with their career goals.