ASTML STEM are committed to igniting young minds with STEM subjects and actively encourage a spirit of curiosity, enquiry, disciplined work ethos and logical thinking in children in an exciting and fun environment. Our activities are national curriculum linked throughout the key stages 1-4 with embedded metacognition skills promotion. We offer whole group sessions that can be delivered in or out of school, individual one to one tuition and D.I.Y STEM activities delivered to your home. We want to raise the profile of STEM careers and tackle the disparity of gender, class, class in terms of the workforce. Our students are motivated by participating in exciting, challenging tasks in a safe and nurturing educational environment that incorporate creativity develop collaborative working. Scientific principles are demonstrated in a simple way using our science-specific models. We lay the foundation for future innovators by developing their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in their early years and throughout the key stages. The future of Science curriculum development will not only focus around the core topics, but will be about the process of Science itself and learners working scientifically. All sessions developed and carried will have this as a cornerstone. Our sessions look at moving away from non-traditional ways of engaging with learners. We utilise incorporation of team activities in order to promote communication skills and develop collaborative working skills. This prepares learners for future education but most importantly it prepares learners for the world of work and industry.