At Big Life Project we arepassionate about creating young people who are future ready. To do this, wehave created an online teaching platform that contains ready-made lesson plansdesigned to help teachers deliver an effective, consistent life skillsprogramme which supports young people in their readiness for the future.

Preparing young people to.... 
  • Transition from being dependent to independent when     moving away from school, and into Further Education or Higher Education
  • Enter working life 
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be mindful of their own personal development, character     building and work with teams 
  • Understand and manage debt, as debt is a fact of life
  • Understand what it means to have good mental health and     more

Our online system is:

  • Ground breaking: it's a unique and innovative way of     both teaching and learning, simple and hassle free to implement and roll     out 
  • Affordable: We charge by student per month, according     to the teaching modules required
  • Designed to save teachers time: Ready-made lesson plans     and resources are written by leading experts, removing the need to     research, create content and prepare
  • Consistent: Life skills can be delivered consistently,     allowing the outcomes amongst young people to be proactively directed and     pre-empted
  • Continuously evolving: Teachers have instant access to     newly created lesson plans and resources, ensuring they are always in line     with the needs of young people - both today and in the future
  • Rich in content, with wide-ranging modules that span     Employability & Work Experience, Finance & Money Management,     Effective Communication, Personal Development, Leadership & Entrepreneurship     and beyond
  • Simple and quick to roll out, maximising reach to all     your students - and providing consistent, engaging content which is     supported by an app designed for today's digital-led generation.