City Year UK is a youth education charity thatdeploys 18-25 year olds to volunteer full-time for a year in schools, acting asmentors and role models to children who are at risk of falling behind. We bring additional people powerto schools where at least 30% of pupils are from low income backgrounds.
●     If children don’t see the point of school, our volunteers inspire and show them what they can achieve and create an environment where they look forward to school and enjoy their learning.
●     We have a proven impact on attendance, behaviour and curriculum performance
●     We build meaningful near-peer coaching relationships with at-risk pupils to tackle frustration, anger and low self-esteem.
●    We run enrichment activities before, during and after school for the whole school.
Each partner school hosts a team of 5 -10full-time volunteers throughout the school year. We bring extra adults to the classroom and playground from first thing in the morning until the last after-school club and contribute powerfully to the culture and ethos of the whole school.
City Year works closely with school leadership and teachers to support children at most risk of falling behind or failing to engage in school, prioritising interventions to support the school in addressing attendance, behaviour and curricular achievement. Our volunteers make a measurable, positive difference to the progress of these children, while also developing as leaders themselves.

Young Person Comments:
As a mentoring project, this sounds fantastic and like it is really good value for money. The programme is very beneficial towards young people who are struggling in school or with the motivation of attending school, as the mentors are there to help you gain that motivation and to inspire these young people to do well in school.