Commando Joe’s is one of the UK’s leading educational providers, utilising the expertise of former armed services personnel to improve the educational outcomes for pupils through using the core values associated with military ethos such as self-discipline, confidence and teamwork. Our school programmes are well established and allows young people to develop life skills, character traits, attributes and behaviours, which have a positive impact on their educational attainment, engagement, employability and well-being. Since September 2012, using grant funding from the Department for Education, we have successfully delivered our Programme in more than 1,000 schools nationwide.
The programmes flexibility for schools to choose to deliver the programme and integrate it across the curriculum, extended school day or extra-curricular activities in a way that best The behaviour traits fall within seven categories linked to the COJO Life Skills RESPECT curriculum. They include moral, performance and intellectual behaviour traits and should not be seen as separate but are integrated to contribute to a child’s learning and development.
To align with the Government’s aim of creating a self-improving and a sustainable school-led model, developing an approach to tackling social mobility and provide resources to teachers to do this. We have developed our COJO Life Skills programme in 100 schools nationally during 2017. We provided whole school staff training days, twilight sessions, resources/equipment to support delivery and the development of an online progress tracker to help schools measure impact and celebrate success. The programme has received endorsements from Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Steve Backshall and Ed Stafford.

We have worked extremely hard to develop such an innovative and fresh way to teach with its partner Wise Owl Trust. The impact has been phenomenal, with progress measures in Reading and Maths putting Briscoe Lane Academy within the top 5% of schools nationally. Old Hall Drive Academy, with a history of being at the bottom of the league tables for results, is now above national for Reading, Writing and Maths combined. Seymour Road Academy was transformed, moving from Special Measures to Good with an Outstanding Early Years within 2 years. Our approach has been that successful that we now have a Commando Joe working full time in each of our academies.
Links to evidence and impacts:

Dear Mike,
I would like to thank you and all your staff at Commando Joes’ for the hard work you have done in relation to our military ethos programmes. I also want to thank you for your continued work and dedication to making a difference for the children whom you serve.
As you know, we want to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, circumstances or education setting, get a good education. There are so many opportunities which come from a good education, and all our children should get access to them. Too many children fail to achieve a decent standard of education. These outcomes are not only detrimental to these children, but also to their communities and society in this country. We must change them.
Education is becoming increasingly important in the modern economy. We are already seeing many countries invest in their pupils in order to secure their country’s future. They know that to compete and thrive globally a country needs a well-educated workforce. We cannot afford to fall behind.
Every time I visit Commando Joes’, witness your sessions, or talk to teachers about your involvement in schools I am truly impressed and inspired. Commando Joes’ dedication to schools, pupils, and the community is extraordinary. Similarly, your plans to demonstrate and evaluate the impact of your provision leave me in no doubt about your intentions to make a material difference to the attainment of these pupils. This gives me great faith in your contribution towards achieving our mission to improve educational outcomes for all pupils in this country. Yours Sincerely David Fugurally

Young person's views:
These activities meet a good range of the pledges and will enable young people to develop a wide range of essential life skills. We like that the activity is sustainable in the long term with teachers and school staff having the resources to continue to deliver the activities to young people.
The activities sound like great fun and would be really engaging and at £9 per pupil we believe this to be good value for money.