Dance/Cheerleading taught by a world champion cheerleader plus other sports/physical activity session including hockey, rugby, football, futsal, cricket, tennis and more.
Plus, our FunFives education project which combines sport and physical activities with theory lessons on Cyber Safety, Road Safety, Healthy Eating, Healthy Behaviours and Respect.

Winner of Young Business of The Year at the Oldham Business Awards 2018, Dream Big Sports is a not for profit organisation based in Oldham that provides sport and educational opportunities for disadvantaged and deprived young people in order to help them achieve their dreams.
Our Mission - To encourage young people of all abilities to transform their hopes, ambitions and dreams into real life experiences through sport and education; irrelevant of their background, ethnicity, gender or ability.
Our Vision - Dream Big Sports has a vision in which all disadvantaged young people can access and utilise sporting opportunities to achieve their dreams and better their education, health and social involvement.
What We Do – We provide high quality full curriculum PE and School Sports in partnership with Primary schools and reinvest our profits back into the schools and communities within deprived and disadvantaged areas. We are passionate about our wrap around service which includes assessments, participation pattern analysis, individualised pupil progress reports and our Golden Ticket Scheme. With our Above and Beyond ethos we believe we are more than a sports provider.