Drums for Schools are world leaders in whole class and group ensemble playing using accessible world music traditions. Our goal is to enable schools to bring the Life Skills, social and academic benefits of a high quality music education to EVERY pupil and we do this by focussing on:
Music traditions that are inclusive and accessible, engaging all ability levels, cultural backgrounds and age groups.
Transferring the essential expertise to your teachers (and students) and on supporting them every step of the way,
Providing the materials and advice you need to help you embed your chosen music tradition in the classroom, in after-school and lunch time clubs and through cross-curricular, community and voluntary activities.

We want to help create schools in which music-making is a natural part of daily life for ALL pupils; a school which is musically self-sufficient and one which plays an important cultural role in the community.

The Drums for Schools programme is educationally rigorous and progressive and includes:
Teaching materials that take teacher and class from basics through to performance level and which cover all the requirements of the music syllabus up to KS3.
CPD training and performance master classes to international standards
Online video and audio examples
Mentoring and direct access to experts
Top quality instruments and responsive customer service - guaranteed