Girl guiding is the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK. We empower nearly half a million girls to be their best and face the challenges of growing up today. We’ve been doing that through adventure, friendship and fun for over 100years.
In Rainbows (5 - 7 yrs old), Brownies (7 - 10 Yrs old), Guides (10 - 14 yrs old), Rangers (14 - 18 yrs old), Young Leaders (14 - 18 yrs old) and Adult Leaders (18+) you will do a wide variety of activities from baking, crafting, camping, games, problem solving, acting, constructing, charity work, working with the community and many more.
There are groups that meet in many local areas, when you register online you will be able to find your local unit.
Groups meet usually on a weekly basis during term time however some units meet monthly or fortnightly.
The overall cost will depend on the particular unit as costs differ from unit to unit.
Lots of girls and women can get involved, there may not be spaces available but you can register and find somewhere to go.