Provider Enrolment Forms

The Oldham Pledge is committed to delivering 14 key pledges for young people in Oldham. These pledges are intended to develop specific character traits as outcomes.

Schools will be allocated grant funding to develop these key character traits for disadvantaged children and young people by using external providers. You have the opportunity to be included on this list.

A provider must support the evidence gathering of the outcomes. The Oldham Pledge Passport to Success can be used for this, though we will also request monitoring information from schools and providers that are taking part in funded activities. Activities must be delivered outside of normal school hours (though may be delivered during lunch times).

Where possible, activities should take place on a regular basis, in most weeks of the term and throughout the school year. Residential, weekend or holiday activities that take place over a short period can be very useful but should be considered as part of a wider package of regular term-time activities for those pupils involved. Funding for one-off activities which are not part of a long-term programme should be kept to a minimum but may be considered in the first year of funding - 17/18.

Being on the Provider List, does not mean you are an officially endorsed provider. Schools are permitted to use providers who are not listed on this list.

First submit details about your organisation and then tell us about the activities you offer.